Corey Scurlock, MD, MBA 
CEO & Founder Equum Medical

To our new partners,

Thank you for your interest in Equum Medical's Suite of Services. 

What Equum Medical does may be called telehealth, which is usually pretty techy, but we are technology agnostic. Instead, we provide the providers, hiring top physicians from across the U.S with a grounding in telehealth and steeped in direct acute care who seek a different experience of caregiving. Telehealth is changing the way health is provided, both expanding patient access while improving satisfaction and outcomes. I founded Equum Medical to fulfill that vision. Our company brings the people and processes of telehealth and works with our customers to rationalize what have been mainly disjointed investments in technology. Our goal is to deliver an enterprise-wide telehealth strategy that can ameliorate some of the impacts of the workforce shortage, relieve friction points along care pathways and vastly improve care transitions.

Equum Medical fills in the inevitable gaps in care resources, especially during nights and weekends, when patient flow or condition suggest that a case is amenable to expert telehealth. Our doctors and nurses have the experience and skill to take over a case or provide specialty guidance or support to caregivers, patients and families.

You already have a great team, but even great teams need good relief, especially in today's complex clinical care delivery environment. The world of healthcare is changing rapidly, with new expectations from patients for a better consumer experience as well as more cost-effective, high-quality care. Working together, we can meet these new challenges and build the transformational health system of tomorrow. You can count on us to deliver in real time.