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Changing The Ending of The Tale of Two Levels of Care, Remotely

May 18, 2022

By John DePetrillo, MD, FACP

The chronic workforce shortage plaguing hospitals large and small is not waning as hospitalization associated with COVID-19 starts to recede. Many hospitals are having to curtail services; a few have shut their doors. More often, lack of available ICU beds has increased critically ill patient dwell time in the Emergency Department, often spanning hours to days waiting for an ICU bed.  This increases the length of stay for these patients, thus increasing hospital cost   The ability of Equum Medical to expand their services outside of the walls of the ICU has had a large impact on this patient cohort.  By actively managing these patients, we have been able to provide ICU level care in the Emergency Department and have even been able to downgrade patients as their clinical status has improved.  This not only helps with bed shortages in the ICU but decreases hospital cost.   Our physicians have been able to apply ICU standards of care including compliance with stress ulcer prophylaxis, as well as deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis to “boarder” patients in the Emergency Department, which are typically practices only implemented in the ICU.  We adhere to the latest national guidelines for issues including best practices, sepsis protocols, lung protective ventilation, and prevention of hospital acquired infections.


Rural hospitals and smaller community hospitals need the kind of academic medical center expertise we deliver around the clock, and they are not alone. The need for board certified intensivist guided care is not restricted to rural or smaller facilities; tertiary care hospitals of all sizes and locations can benefit from this increased level of care.


John DePetrillo, MD, serves as Equum’s Chief Quality Officer. Alongside the chief medical officer he ensures physician compliance with the company’s standards for delivering high-quality healthcare. Dr. DePetrillo also serves as the physician contact for a number of Equum’s clients and works closely to develop protocols and build relationships between our physicians and the onsite staff.

He maintains board certifications in internal medicine, critical care and infectious diseases.

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