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When Healthcare Goes Remote, It Should Be For A Reason

Just as my life has been a tale of two worlds, from a childhood in a small Texas town with few prospects to a physician entrepreneur in New York, so has the nature of the market space I work in: telehealth.

ISQUA Virtual Event Impact of E Health March 2022

This presentation will focus on these concepts of reliability and resiliency through the construct of Patient Flow with the proposal that with the goal of a HRO hospital concentrating on this metric, efficiency in operations and clinical outcomes can be achieved. At first the operational and clinical interventions to Patient Flow will be presented independently, followed by an introduction to an enterprise architecture that combines both systems in a united design.

Can we continue to ask our nation's care providers to do MORE with LESS?

The past two years have seen a surge in patient volume, clinical workforce shortages and negative operating margins, jeopardizing organizations' sustainability.

Telehealth: Dispelling 5 arguments holding back one of healthcare’s best innovations

Seldom has there been a new care modality subject to more misinformation than telehealth. As anyone who has observed the industry for a length of time understands, healthcare is notoriously change-averse.

Equum Medical: Telehealth-enabled Professional Clinical Services Delivery Company

With the increasing provider and clinician burnout, it has become a challenge for hospitals to do more with less. Furthermore, the growing investment in technology—telehealth— has further disrupted clinical workflows. That’s where Equum Medical can help.

14 Business Leaders Share Their Predictions For Consumer Behavior In 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the need for more content, technology-based marketing and has given individuals the agency to take control of their health. In that sense, the pandemic has changed people on an individual level and it has also permanently altered certain industries.

Want To Retain Your Employees? 15 Perks To Consider Offering Your Staff

Today, potential employees have more options than ever before when looking for a job due to the increase in remote work. This means that leaders need to find ways for their business to stand out to bring in high-quality applicants, and one of the easiest ways to do so is through offering perks that also positively impact retention rates within their current workforce.

Growing Quickly? Here’s How To Manage And Maintain Your Company Culture

Rapid growth for a business can mean great things for the bottom line. However, the faster a company expands, the more chance there is for company values to get lost amidst the growth.

Samsung, Vitalchat and EQUUM Medical form telehealth partnership for rural hospitals

As the pandemic's toll worsens, new Access4Health program offers support for grants, technology and physician expertise to promote equal access to care resources.

How AI is fueling the new Tele-ICU

Critical Care Quality and Outcomes Metrics have benefitted from Tele-ICU programs, but now AI is adding greater efficiency from scheduling to proactive intervention.

How telehealth (delivered by world-class doctors) can overcome deadly blockages in patient flow

Some of the most enduring images of the pandemic will surely be those of severely ill patients lined up on gurneys, waiting for hours, even days, for a critical care or inpatient bed.

15 Tips For Successfully Leading A Remote Team

As many leaders discovered during the pandemic, in-person work and remote work require a different approach to leadership. As employees work from home, managers must find a way to ensure productivity, connection and overall wellness—all without the benefit of actually seeing their team live.


EQUUM Medical

EQUUM Medical is an acute care telehealth company, enabling access to specialty care across a variety of clinical settings.
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