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Dylan Attia, MBA

SVP, Operations


Dylan Attia brings 15 years of experience building and managing telehealth provider groups. Dylan has a strong track record of building new provider groups, leveraging operational infrastructures to build new clinical service lines and scaling telehealth groups in rapid growth environments. As SVP of Operations, Dylan is responsible for the recruitment, onboarding and administration of Equum's team of telehealth physicians and clinicians.


Prior to joining Equum Medical, Dylan was a co-founder and served as SVP of Operation for Safe Passage Health, a company specializing in real-time nerve monitoring during spine surgery. During his 10-year stint with Safe Passage, Dylan oversaw clinical operations, HR, IT and finance while the company grew to 150 employees, covering 10,000+ surgeries annually. As a member of the Board of Directors, Dylan also oversaw the acquisition of Safe Passage by Nuvasive, Inc (NUVA) in 2018, and its integration into Nuvasive Clinical Services, the nation's largest neuromonitoring provider.


Dylan holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics and Business from Brandeis University.


Outside of Equum, Dylan and his wife are proud parents to 3 young kids who keep them very busy! Dylan is also a competitive triathlete, with multiple Ironman finishes under his belt, and an amateur woodworker who enjoys building fine furniture and learning new skills in the shop.


Equum Medical is in a position to bring world class acute care to any patient, in any hospital, anywhere in the US. Being physician owned and operated, Equum is in a unique position to deliver on that promise and I am grateful to enable that mission through my role at Equum.

EQUUM Medical

EQUUM Medical is an acute care telehealth company, enabling access to specialty care across a variety of clinical settings.
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