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Mario Fusaro, MD

Chief Innovation Officer


Mario Fusaro serves as the Chief Innovation Officer and helps to bridge the gap between clinical excellence and technological innovation. At the core of Acute Care Telemedicine is a need to implement, maintain, and develop new technologies which facilitate patient care and operational excellence. Our goal is to not only provide cutting edge medical care but to drive the future of Acute Care Medicine.


Dr. Fusaro has vast experience in caring for patients in a medical ICU, surgical ICU, neurologic ICU and Tele-ICU setting. His research experience is diverse including cardiac stent efficacy, meta-analysis, Tele-ICU implementation and outcomes, ICU risk-prediction algorithms, and machine learning. Dr. Fusaro is a recipient of The Internal Medicine Faculty Teaching Award and has served on various Medical Operations and Quality/Performance Improvement committees.


Dr. Fusaro received a degree in Chemistry with honors from Pennsylvania State University before attending Temple University School of Medicine for his medical degree. His training in Internal Medicine was completed at NYU School of Medicine and then at The University of Maryland School of Medicine for Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Fusaro also holds a masters degree in Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research from Thomas Jefferson University. He is the author of 35 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and podcasts.


Mario enjoys spending time with family by lake, river, or sea. He loves exploring new restaurants, cooking, and football.


Equum Medical is the premier destination for implementing cutting edge care delivery models including: Tele-ICU, Tele-sitter, remote patient monitoring among other Acute Care modalities. We strive to implement systems which provide the latest evidenced based patient care to any population regardless of location.

EQUUM Medical

EQUUM Medical is an acute care telehealth company, enabling access to specialty care across a variety of clinical settings.
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