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#ConV2X Health Technology Conference Announcement

Join Equum Medical's CMO at ConVerge2Xcelerate 2024

Embracing Health Innovation is essential to successfully integrate technology into workflows and patient care practice to meet patient needs. Telehealth, AI, and platform technologies are challenging the fundamentals of healthcare impacting consumer health, flipping business models and outcomes impacted by technology adoption upside down. Stakeholders across the healthcare continuum are using new approaches and tools, finding better solutions affecting outcomes, business process efficiency, safety, security, and more.

Karsten Russell-Wood Speaking at ConV2X 2024

We are excited to announce that Karsten Russell-Wood, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Equum Medical, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) 2024 symposium.


Karsten Russell-Wood's Insights

As a leader in virtual care solutions, Karsten will share Equum Medical's expertise.
Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Karsten and other healthcare technology leaders as they discuss cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Save the Date for ConV2X 2024 as experts demonstrate new methods, solutions, applications, and strategies that benefit lower healthcare spending and improved quality of care. ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) is the premier evidence based event that shapes and reflects developments in the field bringing new research and the best practical solutions to a worldwide audience. Intelligent discussions bridge research excellence with real world implementation and impact. Curated and collegiate, the event is easy to navigate, with side by side access to top global pioneers and leading authorities.


2 Full Days of Top Tier Speakers and Discussions
Scientific Track Call For Papers
ConV2X 5th Annual Pitch Competition


What to expect?

  • Real world innovation and use cases
  • Opportunities, threats, and solutions to implement
  • Challenging the status quo for results that work to make healthcare better for theworkforce and the patient
  • Igniting more hope in healthcare through an exciting pitch competition
  • Participants will find new like-minded clinicians, innovators, and pioneers to learn, collaborate, and partner



  • Use Cases Demonstrating Data Interoperability, Technology, AI, Cybersecurity
  • Frameworks Redefining Traditional Medical Practice and Clinical Decision Making
  • Virtual Nursing and Skilled Nursing
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Supplychain, Counterfeits, Track & Trace
  • Hospital at Home and Chronic Condition Management
  • Managing Risk
  • Reimbursement Issues, Policy, and Regulation
  • Clinician Engagement
  • Platform Technologies, Interoperability, and Data Security
  • Generative AI, Translational AI, Explainable AI, LLMs, Conversational Interfaces, Frameworks, and Roadmaps
  • AI Intelligent Exam Protocol, Diagnosis Efficiency Improvement & Workflow Enhancement
  • AI Standards and Methods for Data Curation, Distribution, Sharing, and Management
  • Adoption and Buy-In of Medical Community and Health Consumer
  • Uses Cases for Web3 Technologies: Real-Time 3D (RT3D), AR, VR, and MR
  • Information Governance, Data Protection, Global Policy and Ethical Considerations
  • Secure Wearable Devices and Management of Data Across Systems
  • AI Solutions Reducing Administrative Burden and Burnout for Healthcare Workers
  • Scaled Adoption
  • Access and Affordability

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Oct 01 - 02 2024


All Day

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New York, NY



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Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT)
Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT)

Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT) open access international peer reviewed journal examines the value of telehealth and clinical automation, its use and scalable developments, clinical informatics, business process guidance, immersive patient experiences, market research, and the economic impact of digital health innovations that advance value based care across the care continuum.

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