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keeping care in our communities telehealth as a lifeline for rural healthcare

Keeping Care in our Communities: Telehealth as a Lifeline for Rural Healthcare

Join healthcare experts Steve Barnett, Corey Scurlock, and Rodney Buchanan in an informative webinar on telehealth for rural healthcare facilities. With their combined experience of over 60 years in successful rural hospital operations, healthcare management, financial analysis, strategic planning, and business development, the panelists will provide tangible insights into implementing telehealth solutions that are both successful and profitable.

In this discussion-driven webinar, the panelists will share how to identify where telehealth can fit in your organization and how to get started. They will debunk myths about the cost and complexity of telehealth and provide best practices for implementation. Additionally, the benefits of ongoing program measurement and goal communication will be discussed to help you gain buy-in over time.

As a rural healthcare facility, you will learn how to evaluate telehealth as a solution for your organization by outlining its components and understanding its potential benefits.


May 04 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
National Rural Health Association


National Rural Health Association
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