Feeling the Squeeze Tackling Delivery Systems' Greatest Challenges

June 29, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical

In this insightful discussion, Karsten Russell-Wood, MBA, MPH, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at Equum Medical, leads a panel of healthcare leaders in exploring the challenges and opportunities in telehealth and virtual care. The conversation delves into the concept of 'feeling the squeeze' in healthcare, where organizations are expected to deliver high-quality care with fewer resources and higher expectations.

Karsten emphasizes the importance of developing a telehealth roadmap that aligns with the traditional care delivery mindset. He also discusses the concept of multimodal care, highlighting how digital enablement can contribute to growth and profitability in a consumer-oriented healthcare environment.

The panel also discusses the challenges of supply-demand management in virtual care, the potential of new business models, and the importance of operationalizing telehealth in a broader context. The conversation also touches on the role of various healthcare professionals, including nurses, in the future of telehealth.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of healthcare delivery, the role of telehealth, and how organizations can navigate the 'squeeze' in resources.

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