Hybrid Care: A New Paradigm in Service Delivery

Amid today’s quadruple challenge of staffing, quality, costs and patient acuity, the timely application of expert virtual care is needed to help clients navigate toward a very different healthcare system of the future. Just as Equum Medical is flexible in designing telehealth services to meet each client’s unique needs, so do we tailor the way those services are delivered. 
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Digitally enabled

Equum Medical’s care model leverages either a client's existing telehealth infrastructure or can connect through any of Equum's trusted Technology Vendor Partners.


Equum Medical seeks to allow care to happen where the patient is by bringing a broad spectrum of provider specialists to the patient across the acute continuum.


Equum Medical’s proprietary pod-style care model unlocks the potential of a national provider network, while ensuring each customer has a dedicated team.
Tailor-made for episodic virtual care
Virtual Care Collaboration Center
Providing meaningful impact in patient care
ProviderPOD™ is a multispecialty group of physicians drawn from our national provider network, working from secure remote locations to fill gaps in staff and expertise. The nature of each POD is based on a hospital’s unique needs. These are digitally embedded resources, working collaboratively with hospital staff and serving as workforce multipliers. This unique model is based on our belief that by working with the same clinicians over time, trust relationships are established, making care more collaborative and of higher quality and safety. All Equum physicians are licensed to practice and prescribe in the states they cover and have access to the electronic health record at each hospital they serve.
ProviderPOD™: Tailor-made for episodic virtual care
Our nursing services utilize a centralized approach that facilitates remote safety and vital sign monitoring across the care continuum. Equum Medical has established a national Virtual Care Collaboration Center where clinical teams can watch many patients simultaneously and intervene in time to avert patient harms, respond to physiologic alarms and provide services such as discharge instructions. This controlled environment allows for seamless handoffs of patients from one clinician to another and flexibility in responding to emergencies such as a sudden surge in emergency room patients. 

Let Equum Medical's digitally enabled clinical workforce power your Telehealth ambitions

We unlock provider capacity, joining staff expertise with our team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed where they practice and steeped in telehealth care.
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