Keeping Care in our Communities Telehealth as a Lifeline for Rural Healthcare

May 10, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical

Join us as we explore the key insights from the recent NRHA Webinar, where healthcare experts discuss the vital role telehealth plays in rural healthcare facilities and how to successfully implement it.

In the recent NRHA Webinar, healthcare experts Steve Barnett, Corey Scurlock, and Rodney Buchanan shared their wealth of experience in rural hospital operations, healthcare management, financial analysis, strategic planning, and business development. They provided valuable insights into identifying where telehealth can fit within an organization and how to get started. Debunking common myths about the cost and complexity of telehealth, they offered best practices for implementation and discussed the benefits of ongoing program measurement and goal communication to gain buy-in over time.

As a rural healthcare facility, understanding the components and potential benefits of telehealth is essential for evaluating its suitability for your organization. By watching this webinar recap on the Equum Medical Youtube Channel, you'll learn from these industry experts how to effectively implement telehealth solutions, ultimately improving patient care and keeping care within your community.

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