Equum Medical strategic telehealth partner of choice.

Our mission is to be the world’s strategic telehealth partner of choice.

By integrating clinical expertise, data analytics, innovative technologies and transformational processes, Equum Medical is delivering the best and most efficient care to high-acuity patients wherever and whenever they need it.

Digitization of Healthcare

"We are designing a company that anticipates the digitization of healthcare and through it the broader adoption of virtual care across the patient continuum... Equum Medical is uniquely positioned to deliver on the full promise of acute telehealth." Corey Scurlock, MD, MBA.
equum-medical Digitization of Healthcare

Founded in 2011

2nd largest intensivist portfolio


Over 100 years of combined virtual care experience

Key-member IP portfolio in telehealth of over 25 filings

2022 growth funding to accelerate service line expansion

Propriety pod style customer centric deployments

Designed for scale and optimization

What’s Different with Equum

It’s “your” program

Equum’s adaptable approach doesn’t rigidly prescribe “how to deliver telehealth” and works to design integrated clinical workflows collaboratively

We leverage EXISTING infrastructure

Rather than “rip and replace” or Software biased-implementations, Equum's staff is trained to use the existing Hardware / Software and EMR of our customer to make implementation fast and efficient

Our model unlocks provider potential

Our unique “pod” style (vs. command center) deployments harness national clinical capacity to align with our customers, and then these pods remain connected for trust

We connect care across the continuum

Equum’s multiple service lines emphasize patient flow and create a single vendor partner model to incorporate telehealth delivery from the ED to discharge

Let Equum Medical's digitally enabled clinical workforce power your Telehealth ambitions

We unlock provider capacity, joining staff expertise with our team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed where they practice and steeped in telehealth care.
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