Equum Medical partners to showcase complete inpatient telehealth services platform at HIMSS

April 4, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical

equum medical inpatient tech enabled clinical workforce at himss 2023

NEW YORKApril 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With the nation's healthcare system facing unprecedented financial, clinical and staffing challenges, Equum Medical is set to use the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago April 17-21 to showcase a comprehensive telehealth platform designed to solve many of those problems by improving patient flow.

"This is such a timely event for hospitals and health systems confronting a generational shift in the labor force, higher acuity patients and skyrocketing costs of care," said Corey Scurlock, MD, MBA, Equum's founder and CEO. "Clearly, new solutions are needed, as it would take years to find and train a new generation of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to fill all of these vacancies, and many of these other problems may become the new normal if we don't act now."

Equum has the market's most comprehensive set of virtual inpatient care services spanning the acute care continuum, enabling healthcare providers to optimize their clinical workflows, streamline administrative tasks and improve patient flow. Alone among companies providing remote intensive care via the proprietary ProviderPOD™ model, Equum also offers virtual nursing and virtual sitters who watch at-risk patients via video through its Virtual Care Collaboration Center, intervening through a number of methods in time to avert patient harm and reduce cost.

The future state of acute telehealth for health systems is investing in "integrated virtual care," namely enterprise modeling to connect care venues through multi-service vendors of choice, thereby streamlining procurement and strengthening partnerships. Market indicators present continued strength in digital health technology investment by hospitals to address workforce shortages, access to care and hospital operating efficiency. Responding to this need, Equum Medical's strategic teaming to create a turnkey solution of People, Process and Technology is underscored by its participation in the Caregility Cloud™ Ecosystem Pavilion – Caregility Booth 6815 – within the HIMSS North Hall Showcase of McCormick Place. "The rise of virtual caregivers assisting and augmenting in-person acute caregivers is helping mitigate the impact of staff shortages and address the rapid growth of the patient population," states Pete McLain, Chief Strategy Officer at Caregility. "By combining Caregility's Best in KLAS virtual care platform with Equum's virtual clinical services, we are establishing a very effective and scalable hybrid care solution to empower our inpatient healthcare customers to provide better patient coverage and improve care delivery."

Through the 2023 partner ecosystem theme, "Together for Better Healthcare," these companies, including Caregility, Spacelabs and more, will demonstrate the power of connected digital health, from the bedside through to virtual care. "Our mission is to empower care teams to achieve superior outcomes with high-quality actionable insights. Now integrated with Rothman Index's powerful analytics, organizations investing strategically in virtual care will benefit from the predictive capabilities available through Spacelabs regardless of provider location" stated Shalabh Chandra, President of Spacelabs Healthcare.

While clinical workforce shortages are regarded as the Top Priority for health system CEO's to solve, structural impediments in responding to this crisis can further exacerbate cost pressures and technology risk in redundancy and disconnected strategies. Therefore the opportunity to create a turnkey solution across the Partner Ecosystem with trusted leaders in technology and services represents a further value proposition for hospitals: "We are thrilled to discuss our clinical services offering and our expanding partner ecosystem at this year's HIMSS conference. This collaboration will enable us to leverage the latest advancements in technology to enhance patient outcomes and improve the delivery of healthcare services. Our shared vision of a patient-centric healthcare ecosystem will enable us to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and ultimately, improve the lives of the patients we serve." Corey Scurlock MD MBA.

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is a leading healthcare technology forum that is expected to bring together more than 40,000 healthcare professionals, policymakers, and technology experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in healthcare. Equum Medical, Spacelabs and other firms will be exhibiting at Caregility Booth 6815 in the North Hall of McCormick Place. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions and provide demonstrations of telehealth-enabled clinical service solutions.

For more information, visit equummedical.com, or contact Equum Medical Chief Marketing Officer Karsten Russell-Wood at karsten.russell-wood@equummedical.com.

About Equum Medical

Equum Medical is a nationally-recognized, tech-enabled clinical services company bringing the people and processes to power hospital telehealth programs by optimizing patient flow and provider access. Designed to address two of the biggest trends in healthcare today, namely workforce redesign and virtual care, Equum Medical's clinical services platform is built from the ground up to focus on the acute care population spanning ED, ICU, Nursing and Sitter solutions. Learn more about how Equum can power your telehealth ambitions here: https://www.equummedical.com/.

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Caregility Corporation is dedicated to connecting patients and clinicians everywhere with its Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform. Awarded the Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (non-EMR) in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Caregility Cloud™ powers a purpose-built ecosystem of enterprise telehealth solutions across the care continuum. Caregility provides secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant audio and video communication designed for any device and clinical workflow, in both acute and ambulatory settings. Today Caregility supports more than 1,000 hospitals across over 75 health systems with over six million virtual care sessions hosted annually. From critical and acute, to urgent and emergent, to post-acute and ambulatory, as well as hospital-at-home, Caregility is connecting care everywhere. Follow Caregility on LinkedIn and Twitter at @caregility.

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Spacelabs, a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is provider of medical equipment and services, including solutions for patient monitoring and connectivity, diagnostic cardiology, and supplies and accessories selling to hospitals, clinics and physician offices. The Company has offices in the United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaFranceGermanyItaly, and Singapore, and distributors in more than 100 countries around the world. For more information about Spacelabs Healthcare, visit www.spacelabshealthcare.com or contact Paul Soggepaul.sogge@spacelabs.com.

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