Reimagining the Virtual Care ICU and Acute Care Settings

June 29, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical

In this insightful panel discussion, experts in the field of telehealth, including Corey Scurlock MD, MBA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equum Medical, come together to discuss the evolution and future of telehealth in ICU and acute care settings.

The panelists reflect on the advancements in telehealth over the past 25 years, particularly in recognizing and surveilling patient deterioration. They delve into the challenges of manpower shortage in the healthcare industry and how telehealth can be a solution to this pressing issue.

Corey Scurlock shares his insights on how the field of telehealth has evolved from being used primarily in smaller rural hospitals to now being utilized in larger hospitals to address workforce shortages. He also discusses the potential of telehealth in improving patient flow in the healthcare system, shortening their length of stay in the ICU, and facilitating faster discharges.

The discussion further explores the role of telehealth in workforce training, its potential as a powerful recruitment tool, and its value as a resource for younger, less experienced healthcare workers. The panelists also address the challenges in rural healthcare, including workforce shortages and hospital closures, and how telehealth can help overcome these obstacles.

This video is a must-watch for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of telehealth and its impact on ICU and acute care settings.

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