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Remote Patient Monitoring

Devoting space and staffing of telemetry centers and other vital signs monitoring from outside hospital walls is an effective strategy, but many entities lack the staff to respond in a timely manner. False alarms are common.

Supporting Higher Acuity Care Across the Continuum


More care is being delivered outside hospital or clinic walls, including higher acuity care in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities. Chronic care management programs look to keep patients out of the ER. Patients on physiological monitoring devices often have false alarms, consuming valuable nurse time.


The use of remote patient monitoring is on the rise healthcare providers are recognizing its value in engaging patients in their care to improve clinical outcomes and quality, reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Equum Medical’s team of physicians can check in verbally and visually to determine the patient’s true status, avoiding where possible unnecessary visits to the ER or hospitalizations.

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