Staffing challenges, clinician burnout and a surge in patient acuity are creating a need for outside help. In a busy ED, demand can vary widely and quickly. ED teams have rapid-fire demands for consults and performing some of the paperwork without taking eyes off patients.

On-demand Clinical Teams Support Surge Capacity and Early Intervention


The emergency department has long been an acute care hospital’s default front door, where many patients arrive at unpredictable times. Today, EDs are seeing unprecedented surges of patients, many with substance abuse and other behavioral health challenges. Too many patients wind up on gurneys in the hallways outside of the ED, waiting hours or even days for an ICU room. This creates inefficient workflows requiring multiple consultations in lieu of delayed access to an intensivist. ED staff are frustrated and burned out from the stress of caring for critically ill patients and managing their transfers.


Equum Medical's physician teams unburden ED teams by managing the care of this patient population. We ensure that ED boarders are triaged, and manage patients until they are treated in ICU, sent to a lower intensity setting or, if necessary, relocated to another care site or sent home with a prescription. This eliminates multiple consultations across departments and streamlines workflow efficiency.

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