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Tele Multi-Specialty

Equum Medical's Multi-Specialty Telehealth services provide comprehensive remote consultative healthcare across various medical subspecialties, enhancing access to specialized care, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing unnecessary transfers and care delays.

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Assessing What Care is Needed, Where and When


Hospitals face numerous challenges in managing patient care in the emergency department, including overcrowding, long wait times, and staffing shortages. Providing specialized care can be particularly challenging, as it requires access to specialized equipment, expertise, and diagnostic testing. Tele-Cardiology and tele-Infectious Disease are just two examples of specialty care that provide solutions to these challenges by enabling remote consultations with specialists, facilitating prompt diagnosis and treatment, and reducing the need for unnecessary transfers or delays in care.


Equum Medical's multi-specialty physician team helps unburden the ED and inpatient staff by managing the care of this patient population. Through standardizing care protocols, reducing unnecessary transfers, and avoiding delays in care due to lack of access, Equum Medical provides expert guidance on diagnostic testing and treatment options for patients who might not have access to a specialist in their area or hospital. This approach enables emergency departments to improve patient outcomes, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall quality of care.

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Tackling the 'Labordemic' with Advanced Telehealth

Our solutions are designed to deliver expert care seamlessly, ensuring that every hospital can provide continuous, quality patient care despite staffing challenges. Partner with us to navigate the 'Labordemic' and strengthen your healthcare services.

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Our Results

For over 10 years, Equum Medical's team of tenured physicians, entrepreneurs and industry veterans have helped health systems to create a blueprint for virtual care adoption. The Equum Medical Virtual Care Framework focuses on long term integration of hybrid care to optimize system level goals.
Increase in Contribution Margin/ICU Case
Increase in Retained ICU Cases
*Better than Risk Adjusted Vent Days
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU LOS
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU Mortality
Reduction in ER Case Leakage

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We unlock provider capacity, joining staff expertise with our team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed where they practice and steeped in telehealth care.
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