Transfers are points at which delays occur and smooth patient flow is disrupted, with negative implications for care outcomes as well as patient and caregiver satisfaction. Level-loading capacity keeps patients in network.

Assessing What Care is Needed, Where and When


In their journey through inpatient care, patients often encounter hotspots, points at which due to a lack of staff or inefficient processes, patients are made to wait for what’s next. This lack of patient flow backs up a hospital’s operations, taking with it much-needed revenue and resulting in poorer clinical and financial outcomes.


Using tele-visits, our world-class clinicians add support at points of care transition to assess what care is needed, where and when. Some patients, who are outside of the ICU, need critical care support regardless of where they are located. Quick access to specialty care helps keep patients local, improving both volume and load balancing.

Our Results

For over 10 years, Equum Medical's team of tenured physicians, entrepreneurs and industry veterans have helped health systems to create a blueprint for virtual care adoption. The Equum Medical Virtual Care Framework focuses on long term integration of hybrid care to optimize system level goals.
Increase in Contribution Margin/ICU Case
Increase in Retained ICU Cases
*Better than Risk Adjusted Vent Days
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU LOS
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU Mortality
Reduction in ER Case Leakage

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We unlock provider capacity, joining staff expertise with our team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed where they practice and steeped in telehealth care.
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