Telehealth Maturity Consulting

Telehealth Maturity Consulting

Most providers know they need to optimize scattered telehealth services into a single, enterprise-wide virtual care strategic plan, but don’t have the expertise to do it. Rather than learn by mistake, let Equum Medical tailor a program to meet your unique technology and clinical needs.

Turning Telehealth into a Strategic Asset


As healthcare confronts a post-pandemic reality of fewer staff, higher costs and more acutely ill patients, many organizations are seeking to implement a virtual care roadmap across the care continuum. They often confront a crazy quilt of technologies and processes in various departments that implemented telehealth over the years, including emergency purchases in the pandemic.


With a blend of clinical staffing resources and technical support and a focus on innovation and sustainability, Equum Medical seeks to de-risk virtual care maturity models. We bring together or jettison existing platforms to arrive at a telehealth plan aligned with your goals. Our proprietary algorithm configures and optimally distributes the right resources to take the guesswork out of telehealth strategic planning.

Our Results

For over 10 years, Equum Medical's team of tenured physicians, entrepreneurs and industry veterans have helped health systems to create a blueprint for virtual care adoption. The Equum Medical Virtual Care Framework focuses on long term integration of hybrid care to optimize system level goals.
Increase in Contribution Margin/ICU Case
Increase in Retained ICU Cases
*Better than Risk Adjusted Vent Days
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU LOS
*Better than Predicted Risk Adjusted ICU Mortality
Reduction in ER Case Leakage

Let Equum Medical's digitally enabled clinical workforce power your Telehealth ambitions

We unlock provider capacity, joining staff expertise with our team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed where they practice and steeped in telehealth care.
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