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Virtual Inpatient Telemetry

Equum's Virtual Inpatient Telemetry service offers a modern approach to patient care, by allowing hospitals to connect telemetry data to tele-health resources for improved patient flow and care.

Addressing Critical Care Gaps with Virtual Inpatient Telemetry


Hospitals are under increasing pressure to manage inpatient telemetry amid nursing shortages and a growing patient population. Continuous and accurate monitoring of patient vitals is essential, yet often resource-intensive, potentially leading to staff burnout and reduced care quality. Traditional monitoring systems may generate excessive false alarms, causing alarm fatigue and risking delayed responses to critical conditions. Left unresolved, these issues can jeopardize patient safety and inflate healthcare costs due to system inefficiencies.


Addressing the complexities of inpatient care, Equum Medical's Virtual Inpatient Telemetry service provides hospitals with enhanced monitoring capabilities. This service equips medical teams with precise and consistent patient vitals data, facilitating timely medical decisions and interventions. The system's design prioritizes accuracy, significantly reducing false alarms and the associated response fatigue in nursing staff. Implementing this service can lead to improved patient care management, reduced operational burdens, and more efficient use of healthcare resources.

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