Virtual Sitter

Virtual Sitter

Remote 24/7 audiovisual monitoring of patients stops the use of nursing assistants as one-to-one sitters in the rooms of patients at risk of falling and other adverse events. As many as 16 patients can be watched simultaneously at a fraction of the cost.

You Find the Technology; We'll Watch Over Your at-risk Patients Around the Clock


The national nursing shortage and the shift to value-based care have made the use of nursing assistants as patient sitters financially and clinically unsupportable. There is no reliable clinical evidence that one-to-one sitters stop patient harms such as falls with injury or elopement, but many hospitals continue to use them because they are unaware of alternatives.


Today’s technology allows remotely based monitoring staff to watch a dozen or more patients simultaneously via video and intervene using digital audio. Equum Medical will provide highly trained staff working from our new Virtual Care Collaboration Center. The Equum Medical ecosystem of technology partners can provide the cameras and audio, or we can use a hospital’s legacy devices.

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