In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, ensuring consistent, top-notch care for high-acuity patients presents its own set of challenges. With increasing patient demands and limited resources, the need for innovative, adaptable solutions has never been more evident.

Telehealth: A Game Changer for Patient Care

Equum Medical's High Acuity Telehealth solutions are crafted to address the pressing concerns faced by healthcare institutions. Our services streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

Efficiency and Excellence Combined

Harnessing the power of clinical expertise, data analytics, and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that high-acuity patients receive timely and effective care. The results? Reduced wait times, efficient bed management, enhanced patient experiences, and a positive impact on the institution's operational metrics.

Staying Ahead in a Digital Era

As the healthcare sector evolves, embracing the digital wave is no longer optional—it's essential. With Equum Medical by your side, you're not just adapting; you're leading. Our solutions anticipate the rise of virtual care, positioning your institution at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Discover the Equum Medical Advantage

For institutions committed to delivering unparalleled patient care and seeking to optimize their operations, Equum Medical offers the telehealth solutions you need. In a competitive healthcare environment, partnering with us might just be the strategic edge you've been searching for.

At Equum Medical, we're continuously exploring ways to enhance health care, especially for those in rural communities. We were proud to be part of the National Rural Health Association's (NRHA) recent webinar, "Bridging the Gap: Leveraging Telehealth to Drive Value-Based Care in Rural Hospital Settings." This event was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the transformative role telehealth can play for rural hospitals.

Our CEO, Dr. Corey Scurlock, was joined by Kodi Smith from NRHA and Eric Shell, Chairman of Stroudwater Associates, in leading the discussion. Dr. Scurlock shared insights from our work at Equum Medical, highlighting both the challenges and the opportunities in rural health care. We're committed to ensuring that health care in rural settings matches the quality and efficiency found in urban centers.

It was great to be recognized alongside Stroudwater for our collaborative efforts. Working together, we aim to bring about meaningful changes, from shaping policies to securing funding. We believe that by pooling our resources and expertise, we can achieve the best outcomes for rural health care providers and their patients.

A big thanks to the NRHA for hosting such an insightful webinar and allowing us to share our perspective. We're genuinely passionate about our mission, and with the potential of telehealth, we're confident we can make a significant impact in rural health care. Here's to the future of health care, accessible and efficient for all!

In communities dotted across our nation, there is an unseen challenge unfolding. Rural areas, the very heart and soul of our country, are grappling with a health care crisis that's threatening to leave them behind.

The Challenge in Rural Health Care

Access to quality health care, which should be a fundamental right, is facing serious threats in these communities. The problems are multifaceted, intertwining operational losses, severe staff shortages, and escalating patient needs. Many rural hospitals, once pillars of their communities, now teeter on the brink of closure. As they're forced to pare back services or shut down entirely, patients find themselves traveling to distant cities, seeking essential care—a difficult journey for many.

Why Are Rural Providers Struggling?

At the epicenter of this crisis is a nationwide staffing shortage. Rural health care providers, despite their deep commitment and passion, are finding it challenging to compete with urban health systems. The allure of urban facilities, offering higher salaries, better work-life balance, and research opportunities, draws away many potential rural practitioners.

Equum Medical: A Steadfast Partner in Progress

In this landscape, EQUUM Medical stands as a true ally to rural hospitals, having served them loyally for over a decade.

Our transformative approach? Inpatient telehealth.

Telehealth has emerged as an empowering tool, enabling hospitals to expand their offerings and ensure patients receive care within their communities, sidestepping heavy investments in technology or labor. Our expert teams provide comprehensive 24/7 clinical care, from the emergency room to discharge. Our consistent presence addresses and alleviates the care gap resulting from staffing challenges, ensuring every patient receives quality, timely care.

The Equum Medical Impact

The results have been nothing short of transformative:

  • Enhanced specialist availability ensuring patients have access to expert care.
  • Dramatically reduced numbers of patients leaving without receiving care.
  • Smoother patient flow, minimizing delays and inefficiencies.
  • A significant drop in patient transfers, allowing more individuals to receive care within their own community.

EQUUM Medical's mission resonates with clarity: fortifying local care through the strategic use of telehealth. In doing so, we are not merely offering a service—we are forging lasting partnerships with rural communities, supporting their sustainability and growth.

Let's Fortify Rural Health Together

Together, we can bolster and uplift rural hospitals, ensuring every community thrives with the health care it rightfully deserves. Discover the myriad reasons rural hospitals are choosing EQUUM Medical as their trusted partner. Let's unite, collaborate, and set the stage for a robust future in rural health care.

With EQUUM Medical as your partner, top-tier health care is always just around the corner.

In a recent episode of the Titans of Healthcare podcast, our CEO, Dr. Corey Scurlock, engaged in a rich discussion alongside a panel of esteemed industry experts. They delved into the evolving landscape of healthcare, offering insights that are set to shape the future of medical care.

Meet the Panelists:

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI's Growing Role: AI is making its mark in healthcare. The panel explored its real-world applications, from diagnosis to tailored treatments, and the challenges of integrating it into daily operations.
  2. Telehealth's Impact: Beyond its rise during the pandemic, telehealth is reshaping patient care. The discussion highlighted its role in enhancing accessibility, especially for remote or underserved communities.
  3. Overcoming Challenges: From navigating regulations to addressing diverse patient needs, the panelists shared their strategies and experiences in the multifaceted world of healthcare.
  4. The Road Ahead: The conversation ventured into what lies ahead for healthcare, touching on hybrid care models and the shift towards more patient-centric approaches.
  5. Staying Agile: In a rapidly changing industry, adaptability is key. The experts emphasized the importance of staying updated, embracing new technologies, and being proactive.

In Closing:

At Equum Medical, we're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare. Dr. Scurlock's participation in such pivotal discussions reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. We invite you to enjoy the full episode, available right here on our page.

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NEW YORKJuly 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Evidence is mounting from the experiences of hospitals large and small, urban and rural that telehealth is having a positive effect on staffing, patient safety, clinical services and hospital revenue, Equum Medical reports.

The company, a leading provider of innovative telehealth services, has released the Equum Medical Lighthouse Series™. These customer success stories showcase the transformative power of telehealth in addressing key challenges faced by health systems and hospitals worldwide. The Series is intended to highlight real-world examples of how a complete acute care telehealth service using remote physicians, nurses and monitoring technologists supplements current hospital staff, provides specialist expertise and quickly moves patients to the most appropriate sites for care.

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, health systems and hospitals are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. The Equum Medical Lighthouse Series brings to the forefront some of the most pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers, including ED capacity, ICU mortality and length of stay, physician and nurse burnout, and rural hospital specialist access. Telehealth offers a promising solution by increasing access to care in underserved areas, alleviating the shortage of clinicians and reducing costs to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Dr. Scurlock, CEO and Founder of Equum Medical, emphasized the importance of sharing these success stories: "We are thrilled to launch the Equum Medical Lighthouse Series. By showcasing real-world examples of how telehealth has successfully addressed critical challenges, we aim to encourage broader adoption of telehealth and the dissemination of information on successful strategies."

The series aims to provide healthcare leaders with actionable insights and evidence-based strategies to navigate their own telehealth implementations by demonstrating the tangible benefits that can be achieved by embracing telehealth and leveraging its potential to drive positive change in healthcare delivery.

Healthcare providers, administrators and industry professionals can gain a valuable resource for understanding the diverse applications of telehealth and the significant impact it can have on healthcare delivery, patient outcomes and the overall well-being of both patients and providers.

"We are going to continue to grow the Lighthouse Series as we get additional results from our engagements," said Karsten Russell-Wood, MBA, MPH, Equum's Chief Marketing Officer. "We want this to be a resource for innovators and evidence of what our model of care can do to ease the pressure on hospitals and health systems in this time of profound change for our industry."

Equum Medical is an active member of the American Telemedicine Association and the National Rural Health Association, through which participating hospital systems can access thought leadership and engage with Equum Medical executives to expand telehealth understanding and applications.

About Equum

Equum Medical is a nationally recognized, tech-enabled clinical services company that provides the people and processes that ensure investments in telehealth technology succeed in transforming inpatient care. Equum's clinical services platform focuses on the acute care population spanning ED, ICU, nursing and sitter solutions. Our physicians are aligned in pods based on the needed specialty mix. Learn more at


Karsten Russell-Wood
Chief Marketing Officer, Equum Medical
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In this insightful panel discussion, experts in the field of telehealth, including Corey Scurlock MD, MBA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equum Medical, come together to discuss the evolution and future of telehealth in ICU and acute care settings.

The panelists reflect on the advancements in telehealth over the past 25 years, particularly in recognizing and surveilling patient deterioration. They delve into the challenges of manpower shortage in the healthcare industry and how telehealth can be a solution to this pressing issue.

Corey Scurlock shares his insights on how the field of telehealth has evolved from being used primarily in smaller rural hospitals to now being utilized in larger hospitals to address workforce shortages. He also discusses the potential of telehealth in improving patient flow in the healthcare system, shortening their length of stay in the ICU, and facilitating faster discharges.

The discussion further explores the role of telehealth in workforce training, its potential as a powerful recruitment tool, and its value as a resource for younger, less experienced healthcare workers. The panelists also address the challenges in rural healthcare, including workforce shortages and hospital closures, and how telehealth can help overcome these obstacles.

This video is a must-watch for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of telehealth and its impact on ICU and acute care settings.