Virtual Nursing: Workforce Strategies that Facilitate Cost Reduction and Care Improvement

February 23, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical



The recent webinar on virtual nursing was hosted by CTEL and featured a roundtable discussion led by Ashley VonNida, DNP, MBA, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer at Equum Medical, Michelle Hager, Managing Partner at Blue Cirrus Consulting, and Teresa Rincon, PhD, RN, FCCM, Senior Telehealth Consultant at Blue Cirrus Consulting. The webinar covered a range of topics related to virtual nursing, including the history of virtual nursing, the AACN Tele-Critical Care Nursing Consensus Statement, clinical implications of virtual RN and advanced practice nurse programs, operational benefits of virtual nursing programs, and strategies for building a virtual nursing program. If you're interested in learning more about virtual nursing, this discussion is definitely worth a watch!


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