What is Tele-ED?

Emergency departments are the front doors of healthcare, providing critical care to patients with serious illness or injury. The demand for emergency care often exceeds the capacity of many hospitals, leading to long wait times, patients parked on gurneys in ED hallways waiting for transfer and overworked staff. Equum Medical's Tele-ED Solution provides an efficient and effective way to support staff on the ground, freeing up space for the next patients.

Providing Remote Emergency Care

Tele-E.D. Solutions

Equum Medical's Tele-ED solution provides healthcare systems with remote access to emergency care, allowing them to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Patients gain secure and reliable access to emergency care specialists, enabling real-time consultations, diagnosis and treatment plans. Patients experience timelier care and reduced wait times and risks associated with delayed care.

The solution is highly customizable, allowing hospitals to meet their specific needs. The solution integrates with existing hospital infrastructure, including medical devices, electronic health records and communication systems, enabling a seamless workflow for healthcare providers.

Tele-E.D. Outcomes

Equum Medical's Tele-ED solutions improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase staff satisfaction. They enable hospitals to provide timely care to patients, reducing the need for costly transfers and readmissions. They also provide hospitals with the flexibility to deploy their resources more effectively, reducing the burden on staff.

These solutions enable healthcare systems to expand their reach and provide care to underserved communities. Tele-ED solutions can be deployed in rural areas or other remote locations, allowing patients to receive emergency care without having to travel long distances. By providing access to advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools and improving patient outcomes while reducing costs, Tele-Critical Care is an essential tool for 21st century healthcare delivery.

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