What is Tele-Multi-Specialty?

Multi-specialty telehealth refers to the use of telecommunication technology to remotely provide Inpatient and Emergency Department based consultative healthcare services across different medical subspecialties and provide timely access to specialty care. For example, this can include remote consultations in fields such as tele-Cardiology and tele-Infectious Disease as well as other medical subspecialties. Overall, multi-specialty telehealth can deliver high-quality care remotely, improving access to specialized care, and optimizing resource utilization as well as reducing unnecessary transfers and avoiding delays in care.

Empowering Healthcare with Remote Multi-Specialty Expertise

Tele-Multi-Specialty Solutions

Equum Medical’s multi-specialty physician team can unburden the ED and inpatient team by managing the care of this patient population. We can also help standardize care protocols, reduce unnecessary transfers, and avoid delays in care due to lack of access by providing expert guidance on diagnostic testing and treatment options to patients who might not have access to a specialist in their area or hospital.

Tele-Multi-Specialty Outcomes

The adoption of Equum Medical's Multi-Specialty Telehealth services has resulted in a variety of positive outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients experience increased satisfaction due to reduced wait times and better access to specialized care, while hospitals benefit from optimized resource allocation and enhanced care quality across various medical subspecialties. The timely access to specialized care also contributes to improved patient outcomes, more efficient care delivery, and effective cost management. Furthermore, the remote collaboration of medical experts promotes knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, ultimately elevating the overall standard of healthcare provision.

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