What is Tele-Transfer?

Patient transfers are a critical moment in a patient’s journey through inpatient care, which can be fraught with delays caused by missing records or lack of available staff, especially in remote and underserved locations. Equum Medical’s telehealth solutions can provide a way to facilitate safe and efficient patient transfers and enable access to specialists and resources regardless of location.

Facilitating Safe and Efficient Patient Transfers

Tele-Transfer Solutions

Equum Medical's Tele-Transfer solution provides healthcare systems with remote access to specialists who can help facilitate safe and efficient patient transfers. It enables real-time consultations, diagnoses and treatment plans for patients in remote locations, providing access to specialists regardless of location.The solution is designed to support healthcare providers throughout the transfer process, providing access to critical resources and expertise as needed.

The Tele-Transfer solution provided is highly customizable, allowing hospitals to tailor the solution to meet their specific needs. The solution integrates with existing hospital infrastructure, including medical devices, electronic health records, and communication systems, enabling a seamless workflow for healthcare providers. The Tele-Transfer carts provided by Equum Medical are designed for easy mobility and flexibility, allowing healthcare providers to deliver care from any location within the hospital.

Tele-Transfer Outcomes

Equum Medical's Tele-Transfer solution offers numerous benefits to healthcare systems, including improved patient outcomes, reduced costs and increased staff satisfaction. The offering enables hospitals to provide timely and efficient patient transfers, reducing the need for costly transfers and readmissions. Tele-Transfer also provides hospitals with the flexibility to deploy their resources more effectively, reducing the burden on staff and improving job satisfaction.

Tele-Transfer also provides healthcare systems with the opportunity to expand their reach and provide care to underserved communities. Tele-Transfer solutions can be deployed in rural areas or other remote locations, allowing patients to receive the care they need without having to travel long distances. For these reasons and others, Tele-Transfer is an essential tool for 21st century healthcare.

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