What is Virtual Nursing?

Nurses are the backbone of care delivery, providing patients with essential care and support. Nursing resources have long been limited in rural locations or during off-hours, but post-COVID, nursing shortages are found everywhere and are here to stay. Telehealth solutions can provide a way to deliver nursing support remotely, enabling access to expert nursing resources regardless of location. Equum Medical's Virtual Nursing solutions offer expertise and specialized technology to provide nursing support remotely and improve patient outcomes.

Improving Patient Care Through Remote Nursing Support

Virtual Nursing Solutions

Equum Medical's Virtual Nursing solutions provide healthcare systems with remote access to real-time consultations and interventions for patients. The solutions are designed to support nursing staff in providing high-quality care and reduce the burden of routine tasks such as medication administration and wound care.

Equum Medical has established a national Virtual Care Collaboration Center (VCCC), which serves as a centralized approach to remote safety and vital sign monitoring across the care continuum. The VCCC enables clinical teams to watch many patients simultaneously, allowing for timely interventions to avert patient harms, respond to physiologic alarms, and provide services such as discharge instructions. The controlled environment of the VCCC allows for seamless handoffs of patients from one clinician to another and flexibility in responding to emergencies such as a sudden surge in emergency room patients.

The Virtual Nursing solutions provided by Equum Medical can be deployed in a variety of settings, including long-term care facilities, acute care hospitals, and remote locations. By providing remote access to nursing resources, healthcare systems can ensure that patients receive high-quality care and support regardless of location or time.

Virtual Nursing Outcomes

By providing remote access to nursing resources, Equum Medical's Virtual Nursing solutions improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and increase staff satisfaction. Direct bedside care is enhanced by reducing the burden of routine tasks. Through telehealth, providers can expand their reach and provide care to underserved communities. The customizable and flexible solutions provided by Equum Medical offer numerous benefits to healthcare providers and patients alike, making Virtual Nursing an essential tool for successful healthcare delivery in the 21st century.

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