Your Nurses Need Help Is Telehealth the Answer?

June 29, 2023
Article written by Equum Medical

In this insightful panel discussion titled "Your Nurses Need Help Is Telehealth the Answer?", Ashley VonNida, DNP, MBA, MSN, the Chief Nursing Officer at Equum Medical, shares her expert insights on the role and potential of virtual nursing in today's healthcare landscape. The panel also includes other distinguished guests from the healthcare industry.

Equum Medical is a telehealth company that provides comprehensive services, including sitters, RNs, and physicians, to supplement existing hospital staff. The role of a virtual nurse is tailored to the specific needs of each hospital they collaborate with.

One of Equum Medical's primary goals is to preserve bed capacity in rural hospitals and clinics throughout the Midwest. They aim to achieve this by enhancing their remote assessment capabilities, enabling virtual nurses to perform more comprehensive assessments.

Ashley emphasizes the potential of virtual nursing as a means to restore work-life balance for healthcare workers, many of whom are leaving the profession due to exhaustion. By providing an environment where nurses enjoy working, virtual nursing can help retain, recruit, and keep nurses in the profession.

The company measures patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and outcomes to evaluate the success of their virtual nursing program. They also aim to reduce incentive pays, highlighting the cost savings from retaining staff through virtual nursing programs, given the high cost of nurse turnover.

Ashley also advocates for allowing virtual nurses to work from home, arguing that this would significantly expand recruitment capabilities. In terms of technology, she emphasizes the importance of having a dedicated product team and building in redundancies to ensure the smooth operation of the virtual nursing program. Watch the full video to learn more about the potential of virtual nursing in addressing the current challenges in healthcare.

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